We First Found the Civic Hatchback Test

By the end of 2020, Honda was spotted driving a camouflage test of the next-generation Civic sedan. Soon after, Honda revealed the Civic prototype, which is the first display of the 11th generation Civic model in 2022. Both the test model and the prototype car only predict the body style of the car, but we know that the 2022 Honda Civic hatchback will also be available. After the design of the hatchback was leaked by some official patent pictures, our spy photographer now provides us with a better understanding of real-life cars.
This is the first time we have discovered the Civic Hatchback test, which was spying in Germany near the Honda European Test Center. Although the car is still disguised, it is easy to see that it looks very close to the Civic Prototype, but the rear is different.
Witnessing this car, it is easy to see that Honda will downgrade the style of this generation of Civic. The appearance of the 10th-generation Civic is controversial, even without the basic appearance of Si or Type R upgrades. Honda has not yet determined which engine the next-generation Civic will use, although it assumes that normally aspirated and turbocharged engines will continue to be available. The body style of this hatchback will eventually produce Type R models, and the body style of the coupe will be discontinued in the 11th generation, and Honda may also provide the Civic Si Hatchback.
Unlike the last time the Civic hatchback was made in the UK, this new model may be made in the United States. Hatchback sedans account for about 20% of Civic car sales. They are far less popular in the US market than sedans, but far surpass the discontinued coupe, which accounts for only 6% of Civic car sales.

Post time: Jan-07-2021