• The Vital Importance of Towing Mirrors in Road Safety

    As you may already know, the camping and RV industry in Australia is growing rapidly, with hundreds of people purchasing new camping trailers, RVs, and hybrid camping vehicles each month. Before you hit the road, it is crucial to establish some basic knowledge. Towing mirrors, dash cameras, weigh...
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  • Towing mirrors for commercial vehicles have advantages

    Towing mirrors for commercial vehicles have advantages

    We would like to introduce you to our product, the Towing Mirror, which is an essential accessory for most vehicles that tow trailers or other large items. Our product is called the extentable towing mirror and is manufactured by our company, Cardiler. As you may know, trailers and other large it...
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  • Discover the Best Selling Auto Parts Towing Mirrors for 2023!

    The capacity to observe what is going on around you and your car is one of the most crucial aspects of road safety. Standard mirrors frequently don’t give the view needed while pulling heavy loads like caravans. In Australia, it is illegal to tow anything that is broader than your car witho...
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  • Driving without a Ford trailer mirror increases the risk

    Expand your truck mirrors with a pair of trailer towing mirrors to increase your field of vision and increase your safety factor. Replace your factory mirrors with a set of folding trailer towing mirrors designed to help improve rearward visibility when towing a trailer. These trailer tow replace...
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  • About the advantages of GMC rearview mirror blind spot assist

    When you can see the travel trailer you’re towing, it’s a lot of fun. This is why any truck that will haul weight absolutely must have towing mirrors. The Trailer Mirror greatly improves the driver’s ability to see behind,Chevrolet Silverado/GMC 2500 3500 mirror projects farther...
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  • Tips for Using Mirrors While Towing

    The first and most obvious suggestion for using towing mirrors is to make sure they’re clean. If you’ve recently had your tow vehicle out on the road, it’s likely a lot of dirt, dust or even mud has found its way onto the mirrors. With dirty mirrors, visibility becomes drastica...
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  • What Are The Benefits Of Towing Mirrors?

    Parallel assistance to avoid blind spots The driver must turn on the turn signal before entering, but it is very dangerous if there is a vehicle behind without seeing the turn signal and driving at a faster speed. Once it happens, the warning light will light up to remind the driver. Electric hea...
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  • The Advantages of Having Towing Mirrors

    If you have ever had to tow a trailer behind your vehicle, then you may know what it is like to not be able to see along the side or behind the trailer. As you know this can be extremely dangerous, especially when trying to switch lanes or back up. Some accidents or “close calls” with...
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  • What Are Turn Signal / Directional Tow Mirrors?

    Some of the fancier trucks on the road come with towing mirrors that have some elaborate options built into them. One of these options is turn signals. These turn signals/directionals can be built into the glass itself or molded into the mirror’s plastic housing. Being that these are higher...
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