The Vital Importance of Towing Mirrors in Road Safety

As you may already know, the camping and RV industry in Australia is growing rapidly, with hundreds of people purchasing new camping trailers, RVs, and hybrid camping vehicles each month. Before you hit the road, it is crucial to establish some basic knowledge. Towing mirrors, dash cameras, weight capacity and distribution, safe reversing and towing, and a variety of other skills and knowledge are non-negotiables.

Being a responsible and safe road user entails being able to see what is happening behind you, which is why all vehicles come equipped with mirrors that allow drivers to see behind them. When towing something larger than your trailer, such as an RV, your ability to see what is behind you is either obstructed or completely diminished. Towing mirrors are simply mirrors that allow you to see what you are towing. You can obtain full replacement parts that replace your OEM mirror or accessories that clamp onto your current mirror.

If you cannot see what is happening behind you, it is dangerous. This is even more critical if you have an RV and want to maintain a speed that is well below the limit because you will eventually have a long line of vehicles behind you, which will be more than happy to overtake you if they know you are there! This is much more difficult than it sounds.

Take a tape measure and run it between the two front windows of your vehicle, measuring the maximum width from outside edge to outside edge between the two mirrors. Measure up your truck and determine the maximum width (including anything protruding) to ensure that you have a towing mirror that is sufficient.

Our product, Towing mirror is a great solution for drivers who need to tow a larger vehicle or trailer behind them. Our towing mirrors come in different sizes and styles, including the popular GMC Sierra 1500 Tow Mirrors and the folding tow mirror, both of which are durable, easy to install, and provide a clear view of what is behind you.

Post time: Jun-08-2023